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Pac Man Cheese

Ad produced by German Agency Cayenne

Check out this ad for what – as far as I can tell – is some kind of soft cheese with olives in it. At least I’m hoping that’s what it is because the translation of Rotk√§ppchen is little red riding hood and I’m hoping she’s not ground up in there. For more clever ads, check out BSPCN.

[Thanks for the link, Mike. GET THE FRUIT! GET THE FRUIT!!!!!!]

XTreme Parental Controls


If grounding your kids from their consoles isn’t quite getting the message across, you can take things up a level like this angry dad did. Here’s the story from iReport:

My husband had repeatedly warned our 3 boys about their behavior while playing the XBOX. Tuesday, after I arrived home from work, our oldest son told me to look in the backyard at “Dad’s artwork”. Well, I wasn’t surprised to see the XBOX proudly displayed on the nearest tree… way to go Honey!!!!!


[Source: Gizmodo]

Epic Fail on the Wii

Kid Stages Abduction for a Wii: Epic Fail

Let’s take a trip to China where a kid named Yang asked his parents to buy him a Wii, and they said no. Instead of trying to earn some cash on his own through paper routes or by selling up-skirt photos to horny train riders, Yang decided to take the high road and fake his own abduction. He made a deal with two dudes named presumably after pandas, Zhou and Pan, to help out by asking the parents for the ransom money. They all eventually got busted after trying to withdraw about 1,500 bucks from an ATM. Zhou and Pan were arrested and Yang was sent into time out with one pong controller and no TV.


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