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Alan Wake Prequel: Bright Falls

Agencytwofifteen released the first two episodes of Bright Falls, a series of six shorts promoting the release of Alan Wake on the Xbox 360. Apparently, Agencytwofifteen has no shortage of brilliant brains on staff because they not only created these creep-tastic shorts, but were also the ones behind some badass promos for Gears of War, Halo: ODST, Viva PiƱata and Xbox 360 which you can check out on their site.

Those of you who were at E3 back in 2005 might remember seeing stuff about the Alan Wake game. But the developers (Remedy Entertainment) wanted to make sure the title got all the attention it deserved and delayed the release. The game is due out on the Xbox 360 on May 18 in the U.S. and from what I’ve found out about it so far, it sounds amazing. Here’s a little blurb from Wikipedia that caught my interest:

Light plays a significant role in gameplay and strategy. The enemies, called “the Taken” in the game, are sensitive to light, encouraging the player to take advantage of environmental light sources and placing significant emphasis on the flashlight as a primary weapon. Players also have the ability to set traps that illuminate when triggered, either damaging or temporarily immobilizing an enemy. They are then destroyed and turned into batteries.

So you’re surrounded by darkness filled with creepy things and light is your weapon? Sounds like this game falls into the “pee before you play” category.

Check out the official Alan Wake site to find out more»

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