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Splinter Cell Promotion Goes Awry

Monaco Corporation is getting a lot of flak over the results of a recent promotional stunt in New Zealand for Splinter Cell Conviction. They decided it’d be really fun to dress an actor up like Sam Fisher – complete with bandaged hand and gun – and send him out to scare the shit out of some unsuspecting people hanging out in Auckland’s Viaduct Basin.

According to the NZ Herald, “Game promoters Monaco Corporation said they hired another marketing company to organise the event and had no idea that a gun would be used.” (Kind of suspicious that this “other marketing company” was unnamed.)

The NZ Herald reported that about 20 people were just minding their business, sipping on cocktails outside of the Degree bar at about 8pm last Friday when the actor allegedly pointed his gun at a few of the patrons. Freaking out ensued as the tipsy bar patrons dove for cover under tables and tried to escape a game promo gone bad.

Police made it to the scene where they took away the weapon – which they didn’t realize was plastic until they had it in hand. Maybe the whole thing could’ve been avoided if someone had been walking around with an Xbox controller in hand, actively playing the actor (and hopefully steering him AWAY from crowded patios filled with drinkers.)

While no shots were fired, I’m sure a few of the people responsible for this stunt were.

SOURCE: Promotions Prank Ends in Armed Police Callout by Bevan Hurley

3 Responses to “ Splinter Cell Promotion Goes Awry ”

Hahaha, that last paragraph was an amazing pun. Nice.

By the way, I would have done the same thing as the guys on the bar… what were the guys from the “other company” thinking!?

I have NO idea. I mean, this was an opportunity to have an amazing promo. If they’d just had an entourage around him wearing Splinter Cell t-shirts and passing out flyers, the drama could’ve been avoided. Good thing the promo was in New Zealand. If the actor had been in L.A. he might not have lived!

This was an awesome idea for a promo gone bad. The gun should have been an obvious fake, and perhaps fake Sam Fisher should have been following another paid actor. That way everyone could have watched and wondered what the hell was going on, without being scared sober:).

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