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Archive for August, 2009

Rubik’s Cubes + Guitar Hero = Rad

Last week, YouTube user JRefleX93 posted this video and it spread across the internet faster than rumors of a PS3 price drop. Just when I start feeling good about my Rock Band/Guitar Hero skills, something like this comes out and makes me feel like the Milli Vanilli of gaming. In an interview with Interview on, JRefleX93 gave a little background to the video:

About 4 months ago, before I had my first 100 subscribers, I was talking to a friend about doing something special for the 100-subscriber mark. My friend just blurted out “Why don’t you solve the Rubik’s cube while playing Guitar Hero?” He wasn’t being serious, but I thought it might work. So I thought about how I could do it using one-handed solving and elbow strumming. So I practiced one-handed solving and I made the first GH + Rubik’s cube video about a week after this. A few weeks ago, when I was approaching 300 subscribers, I thought I would try to do the same thing but with a harder song. I chose Mr. Crowley for all the hammer-ons (which make it easier to elbow-strum). But this song is pretty long, so I decided to solve two cubes instead of one.

What’s this guy going to add to the equation when he reaches the 500 subscriber mark? A unicycle? Juggling flaming torches? Sheesh!

Read the full JRefleX93 interview on»

See JRefleX93’s YouTube Channel»

Guy Builds Companion Cube




This is the work of Livejournal user, James White. He just did a post with step-by-step pictures showing how he took some blocks of wood and turned them into awesome. I think James needs to have a talk with some cake companies and work out a deal where he makes companion cubes as a way to deliver birthday cakes. And, just because I’m such a nice, giving person, I’d be happy to beta test that delivery service just to make sure it all works out. :D

See More Pictures of the Companion Cube»

Level-Update Episode #28

  • China bans gangsta games
  • The Bachelor video game
  • Have a foursome with Overlord II
  • People freak out over Dante’s Inferno EA promo
  • PS3 price drop and a little randomness

 Level-Update Episode #28 [4:31m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

The Escapist’s Zero Punctuation Game Design Contest


We all love watching Zero Punctuation rip apart crappy video games, but what if Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw were using his cute accent to rip apart YOUR game? Could you handle the criticism? Starting today, you’ll have a chance to figure that out. The Escapist is now taking browser-based Zero Punctuation game submissions for their “Stonking Great Game” contest.

“People have tried to make ZP-based games before,” said Croshaw. “But now they’ll have to make them to some kind of actual standards, the poor suckers. Let’s hope the entries will be as enjoyable to play as they will be to criticize.”

“Stonking Great Game” contest submissions will be accepted from August 5th to October 19th. All submissions must be created in Flash and must be original game concepts by the original creators playable in any PC browser. Winner(s) will be announced the week of November 16th. For more information on how to enter, visit

Break High Scores – Not Monitors.

The media seems to want to focus on M-rated games like GTA causing gamers to go ape shit, but if this video is any indication, they should really be focused more on what PC-based game of DDR can do to stress levels. My favorite part is at about 1:30 when the guy says, “The wall behind my fuckin’ computer wasn’t broke ’til I got this monitor and now it’s completely fucked to shit.” It’s as though he believes that the monitor actually punched itself through the wall with no human intervention, Jim Henson style.

7-Year-Old Brat Steals Car. Media Ties it to Video Games.

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Dammit, people. What the hell is going on here? I just watched this clip from the Today Show where they give a 7-year-old child of the corn some time in the spotlight for taking his parents’ car on a joy ride.

And, while it’s obvious that there seems to be a very la-dee-dah approach to parenting here, the hosts turn it into an attack on video games.

Let’s break this video down a bit, first of all, check out dear old dad and how proud he is of his son as he explains what happened at 1:10:

… and he turned around and sees the cop and I think he caught about three more speeds and took off even faster… so he… he he’s a cute kid and he’s a good kid and just we’re glad it turned out like it did.

So let’s get this straight. You didn’t know where your kid was. And then you found out he stole a car and drove like a mad man. And you think that’s fucking CUTE? Jesus H! What is your kid going to have to do the NEXT time he wants some attention from you?

Then we get to the portion where they interview “cute” “good” little Preston. He has no idea what’s going on. He doesn’t know why he stole the car (but I’ll stick to my theory that he was desperate for attention and structure.) And that evil hostess totally leads him into a trap answer. Check out the devilish work she does at 1:40. Do you like video games? Do you think that video games are the reason you killed 5 people? Yeah? I kind of think so. I think you should think so too. [Please say yes so I have a story here.] LAME.

Best quote is at the end around 3:10 where the chick host says “Thank goodness there’s a good story here … and, uh, all ended well but uh ajrlewajr;eajrewjla…” Nice. She catches herself admitting that she just totally created an entire story against video games out of nothing more than a bored kid who – unsupervised – stole a car and drove around the neighborhood.

And not that Preston doesn’t deserve to have video games taken away from him, it seems like the family has chosen to blame this mess on exposure to driving games – and that just ain’t right. There’s got to be more going on here.

[SOURCE: Today Show via Game Politics]


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