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Archive for August 21st, 2009

PlayStation Network Now Offers Gamer Cards

So I got an email the other day telling me to go and get my PlayStation Portable ID card to show off my trophies. It took forever because Sony is merging the PlayStation Underground with the new PlayStation Network preference center and trying to merge two pref centers is always a mess. Three password requests and a couple of error messages later, I finally got the code:

Man, that’s hot. Look at all those points! I can’t wait to show all my friends!!!


I do think that having the PSN Portable ID is a step in the right direction for getting people interested in picking up more PS3 titles. I suppose it’s better late than never. I will say that I’m a little disappointed to realize that all the trophies I’ve unlocked playing Little Big Planet with my roommate are only showing up on his profile and not mine. But I guess that’s no different from the way most games work when you’re playing together on the same console. Regardless, I’m not adding the card to my home page until I get some more points. As it is now, it’s just a little too depressing to look at on a daily basis.

Get your PSN Portable ID»

UPDATE 08/27/09:
So it turns out that my ID DID save the trophies I won from gaming on my roommate’s profile. It just takes awhile to update:

1upCakes and other Nerdbake Awesomeness

1upcakesCheck out the 1upCake Recipe

I don’t exactly recall how I stumbled across I probably had the munchies and, in a hazy state of mind, Googled cupcakes instead of grabbing one out of my fridge. Regardless of how it went down, I believe I discovered my new favorite baking site.

It is not your average “just a pinch of this” cut and dry site. The writing is hilarious with posts like the “We Didn’t Think of It, But We Wish We Did” of the Week and baking direction anecdotes like:

In retrospect, I recommend following the directions on the back of the box. We sure didn’t!


In all seriousness, unless you want eggy, chalky lumps of horror in your batter, I strongly recommend considering an electric mixer. We found out the hard way.

The only thing that I don’t really like about this site is the fact that, right now, there are only a handful of posts which is why you should visit now, get their hit count up and give them a reason to post more.

I’ve seen a lot of cool baking sites in my day, but this one takes the cake.



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