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Level-Update Episode #28

  • China bans gangsta games
  • The Bachelor video game
  • Have a foursome with Overlord II
  • People freak out over Dante’s Inferno EA promo
  • PS3 price drop and a little randomness

 Level-Update Episode #28 [4:31m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

2 Responses to “ Level-Update Episode #28 ”

“EA is awesome”


Yup. I think the Sin to Win promo they came up with is genius. Did it exclude straight women and gay men? Sure. But not every promotion can reach every demographic. Was it on the edge of treating women as objects? Sure. But the game is Dante’s Inferno, not Barbie’s Cupcake Company. So if EA did cheesy, safe ads for the game, I’d be disappointed. The main point is that everyone is talking about it. And the people EA wants to buy the game are listening.

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