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Break High Scores – Not Monitors.

The media seems to want to focus on M-rated games like GTA causing gamers to go ape shit, but if this video is any indication, they should really be focused more on what PC-based game of DDR can do to stress levels. My favorite part is at about 1:30 when the guy says, “The wall behind my fuckin’ computer wasn’t broke ’til I got this monitor and now it’s completely fucked to shit.” It’s as though he believes that the monitor actually punched itself through the wall with no human intervention, Jim Henson style.

2 Responses to “ Break High Scores – Not Monitors. ”

It’s named Stepmania and yeah, it’s friggin frustrating. Yikes.

“I fucking put my head through my wall” at the end. OUCH!

This dude needs some serious help… I mean honestly.

I wish I had the cash to go around putting holes in my dry wall and destroying 300 dollar monitors over something as insignificant as a high score in an online web game…

Go buy an Xbox 360 and get some easy achievement points, it’ll make you feel better. :)

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