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Archive for May 25th, 2009

Memorial Day Dance Party

I was killing time on the interwebs and bring to you some of my findings:

A new one from Brentalfloss: Punch Out with Lyrics. Is the Rihanna joke too soon? Maybe, but I laughed. Does that make me a horrible person? Probably.

I have gamer friends. I have rennie* friends. I have girl friends. But I don’t think I have any gamer-rennie-girl friends which probably explains why I’ve never seen this at a party before. This is a promo for The Gothsicles new/old remixed album: NESFERATWO. Genius title. Fun tracks. And they’re free here.

And finally – another Konami Code shout-out song from DubNasty. This one’s also free for download on his site and I’m digging it. But I’ve got a question – he ends the code with “start select” instead of “select start.” Which is right? I thought it was select start. Actually, I don’t think the select part even mattered. According to my extensive research (a search on Urban Dictionary) “Many people mentally add in a ’select’ in there for one reason only–on the menu screen, pressing select changed the cursor to ‘2 players’ instead of ‘1 player’. Contra was always more fun to play with a friend.”

*Side note: I’ve always used the word “rennie” but I’ve never actually spelled it out before, so I googled it. For those of you who don’t know what a “rennie” is – it’s someone who is obsessed with Renaissance Faires and typically dresses up in some kind of ridiculously expensive outfit with lots of leather and patches for Halloween and – if they’re good – knows the difference between an Australian and British accent. And yes, I worked at a ren faire for about 4 years. So if you’ve ever questioned my nerdiness, now you know I’m for real. Anyway, when I was searching for the correct spelling, I found this group and I thought the description was hilarious:

Renaissance Faire Info for Non-Rennies
A tribe created (by popular demand) to answer questions about renaissance faire from people who feel intimidated by other renaissance faire tribes. Everything you ever wanted to know about faire but were afraid to ask.

I find it hilarious that there was a high demand of people who were actually intimidated by ren faire nerds and inspired this group.



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