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Oh what a night…

What started out as a nice relaxing evening at home with my fat, snoring dog and a fresh watermelon quickly turned into a nightmare. I was surfing the internets, listening to the song in the intro movie for Fallout 3 that I have fallen completely in love with for some reason and decided I was going to post it on my site. But when I went to log in, I got a nasty message: “Error establishing database connection.”

I called GoDaddy to figure out WTF was going on. They told me there was nothing wrong on their end. That WordPress was calling a database and that database didn’t exist. Apparently, it got bored and decided to take off. I have no idea how that could’ve happened and neither did the guy I talked to.

I spent the next hour freaking the hell out that I’d lost every post on my site and would never be able to get things working again. I was trying to get help from the first tech support guy. He said that because I’d installed WordPress manually and not through them, he couldn’t help me. I was about to lose it. I asked the guy if he knew of any good resources online where I could figure out how to fix this mess. The dude actually said “Why don’t you try Google?” REALLY, ASSHOLE?!?! Thanks. I wouldn’t have thought of that. Fucking jerk.

I set up a new WordPress account through my GoDaddy hosting account with the help of another tech support dude named Chad who was NOT an asshole and prevented me from writing the totally nasty “I hate GoDaddy” rant I had totally intended on posting as soon as I got everything switched over to another company. So, thanks Chad. Way to represent your company. I don’t remember the other guy’s name, which is probably good for him, but whoever you were – you should take customer service lessons from Chad. When someone who has supported your company for about 10 years and has purchased around over 50 items from you has a crises, don’t be a jerk. There’s this thing called the internet, and we will tell EVERYONE about it.

Then I called my friend Mike. And through him coaching me on the phone, I was able to retrieve everything except the last two months of posts – which most of you know there weren’t a lot of. He was even helping me find the last two months of posts through cached Google pages, but I’m so worn out that I decided I’m good with losing those. Mike also designed my layout. Mike is a genius. And I love him. I owe you a solid, bro ;) We need to plan our WTFBBQ soon.

SO – I’m back. I lost a few posts, but I regained my sanity, so I think that’s a fair trade.

Now that my heart rate has slowed, I will leave you with this (the song I originally wanted to post over 3 hours ago) and go back to enjoying my night:

14 Responses to “ Oh what a night… ”

So THAT’S what happened! And I was thinking the problem was on my side lol, because you weren’t the only wordpress blog with that problem, strangely enough…

Anyway, glad you’re back :)

I wasn’t the only one?? Wonder what the heck was going on. It was so weird.

Blame wordpress, probably the pressure was too much.


happens that goDaddy is a crappy service. Sorry!

No database vanishes and no wordpress decide they will connect to a non-existent DB. they had a problem. but they are goDaddy. goDaddy can’t have problems! All that they could and should have done would restore your backup. If they dont have a backup system for smaller costumers, they should burn. Like… they have told you how to check if your old database was still up and running. I bet they have a FAQ or stuff where it says “I WordPress says ‘blah blah blah’ then ‘blah blah’”.


btw, i have most of your posts on my feed reader. if you want some of them, I can send you a copy.


Welcome back!

The internets wouldn’t be the same without ya. Glad you made it back to the party :-)

Why don’t you try Google?


Just in case you’re wondering, the song is “I don’t want to set the world on fire” by The Ink Spots.



Cool! I WAS wondering. Thanks for the info :D


Aw, thank ya :D

I think I’m good to go. I should be posting more new stuff anyway ;)

Ha. Yeah. I found that whole thing pretty fishy. They don’t do database backups – which is why they’re so cheap. Cheap hosting = great. No backup = not so great. I should’ve set things up to do backups on my own knowing this, but of course I didn’t. So it’s my fault too :-/

well, is not your responsibility. and unless you have full access to the database through shell command or other kind of interface (say, phpMyAdmin), you can’t do much.


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