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Super Mario Bros. In Your Butt

9 Responses to “ Super Mario Bros. In Your Butt ”

Ha ha ha.. Made my day.

I’ve just noticed, but some of the proposed acts are a great way to get an infection where you don’t need one.

Scary. Why? Because I go to a gaming school in Orlando so there’s at least an off-chance that this may be someone I go to school with…

I love how the penetration begins as Mario steps into the pipe. Priceless.

This fella has to be a blast to play track and field with……

This is obviously put up by some idiot just for kicks, this has got to be fake… has to be.

Epic lulz :-)

The shear specificness of this craigslist post scares me a bit. If he’s not paying a lot of money I don’t see anyone signing up for this.

Well, I know some people are gonna get “excited” for any new mario game now. lol.

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