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Archive for July, 2008

Mario: Game Over

I’m not sure how the hell I missed this video from POYKPAC! especially considering it was nominated for the 2007 Best Comedy YouTube video awards. It popped up on my iGoogle page today and I was cracking up. In case you missed it too… here ya go:

[youtube JpBGRA6HHtY]

I’ve seen a lot of real life Mario videos in my day, but I can say that this one is definitely the best. Make sure you check out all the videos on the POYKPAC! site. They are fucking hilarious. Here’s another one of my favorites.

Visit the POYKPAC! site»

Horribly Funny Flicks Coming this Fall to XBL


According to AdWeek, James Wan (Saw), David Slade (30 Days of Night), James Gunn (Slither), Lucky McKee (May), Andrew Douglas (The Amityville Horror) and Marcus Nispel (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) are all working on short films to debut this fall in correspondence with the new Xbox Live interface. The flicks will run under 10 minutes and they’ll all be comedies.

PS3 Wipeout Failing Epilepsy Tests

According to Wired, there are additional delays before WipEout HD is released for the PS3. Apparently, this high speed racing game “fails the epilepsy tests so much that it has to be re-engineered.” Whoops! No word on how extensive the re-engineering is going to be or how long it’s supposed to take, but it’s good they caught the issue BEFORE they made the game available for download.


[SOURCE: Wired]

Wii Music. Uhh… WHAT?!

Watch this:

Ok, so Nintendo introduced E3 to their upcoming Wii Music release that enables players to “play” tons of different instruments by flailing around the Wii Remote and Nunchuck like a retard. I could be nice and point out the fact that this would be a great game for little kids who can’t handle the complexity of Rock Band or Guitar Hero, but instead I would like to focus on how ridiculous Shigeru Miyamoto and Punk Finn look up there on stage. And what is that song?!! A Kenny G b-side from his acid tripping days?

UPDATE 07/23/08: Just read The 5 Most Embarrasing Moments Of Nintendo‚Äôs E3 Conference from and you should totally check it out. Heelariosity. READ IT, FOOL »

DIY Sit Down Arcade Cocktail Cabinet

Last week I brought you the functional Nintendo controller/coffee table. This week I bring you the next must-have for your geeked out pad: The DIY Ikea arcade cocktail cabinet! Your average MAME cabinet costs a pretty penny, but if you happen to have a Macbook with broken hinges lying around like Frederic Sebton did, you can combine that with a $70 RAMVIK side table from IKEA and be on your way to joystick land in no time.


Unlike the Nintendo controller table, this MAMEbook cabinet didn’t require major carpentry and artistic skills. In fact, Frederick explains in his blog that “To cover the ugly bits, I just cut a piece of black cardboard, here seen under the top glass.” Cardboard?! Swank!! I love it when cheap and easy fixes come together so nicely.


The only thing that I think would bug me about the design is the way the sliding drawer holds the joystick. Seems like you’d cut off the circulation in your wrists playing over that edge. Frederic does say “I’ll replace the drawer later with a proper control panel once I figure out how.” Overall, though, the end product is pretty sweet.

Check out the step by step transformation on Frederic’s blog»

[Thanks, Ms. Sarah for the tip!]


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