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Archive for May 8th, 2008

Spamalot and GTAIV Multiplayer

Man… I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t posted doodly squat/checked my blog comments this week. So when I logged in today, I had like 72,000 spam comments (ok maybe 17). WTF is it with these spammers anyway? And when did they get a conscience? At the top of about 5 of the comments, I saw some variation of this message:

I deeply apologize for this spam.
But here you REALLY can buy the lowest price (insert drug name here)!!!
I liked the service as well.

WTF?! You deeply apologize for this spam? Then fuck off, dude! Don’t post it! I moderate all my comments before they get posted on my site unless you have an account set up – so the only person these spammers are reaching is ME. I don’t want tramadol! I don’t need a penis enlargement! I have no desire to see old grannies doing nasty things.

What I DO want is to talk about how FRIKKIN AWESOME GTAIV multiplayer is. I finally had a chance to play with some friends over the weekend (not just some random emeffers) and dude… it was incredible. I have NEVER laughed so hard while playing a video game in my frikkin life. We had a scooter race. We raced boats. We rescued a boss together and tried to blow up a boat. Best time? Cops and Robbers multiplayer. You can set up the game however you want… 6 robbers/1 cop… 3 robbers/3 cops… whatever. The objective for the robbers is to escape and the cops are trying to stop you. OMG. SO. MUCH. FUN. The first round, I was one of 3 robbers… and all 3 of us looked like we were 87 years old. We were laughing so hard it was difficult to play. We called ourselves the “Old Man Brigade” and stole a mini van to get away. We joked about everything from being late for the Early Bird Special at Luby’s to breaking hips… my face started hurting from smiling. I think I even snorted a few times. I can’t wait to play again! There are TONS of multiplayer games to start and within each type of game are even more options. There really is something for everyone. I <3 GTAIV.


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