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Archive for December 31st, 2007

New Pixelh8 Album: The Boy With The Digital Heart

The Boy With The Digital Heart

I just got a copy of Pixelh8’s latest chip tune CD: The Boy With The Digital Heart. This is a must-have purchase. You’ve just gotta love a CD with titles like the fast paced, head-bob-inducing “Super Fantastic Turbo Magical 2 Player Love Game Adventure Called Happiness.”

For those unfamiliar with the chip tune genre, this is music written using synthesized sounds created by computer or video game consoles, toys, etc. The sound is powerful, evoking childhood memories for all old school gamers. Some chip tune artists sample music from video games, but not Pixelh8. He’s purely original. When you open up the latest CD, you’ll see the following message:

Every note, every beat and every sound, written from scratch. No samples, no phaser, no flanger, no effects. No emulators, no trackers, no cross platform composition. If it couldn’t be done on the original machines, it wasn’t done.

Pure chip tune music.


The beats fold over each other in waves, bending, looping, popping. And while you can almost hear how vocals could fit over some of the tracks (a la Postal Service or Imogen Heap) every track is strong enough to stand on its own. The disc features 12 tracks – each with a unique feel.

If video game characters’ lives flash before their eyes when they die, I bet track #2, Segue 18 is what they hear. If you just get stood up by an Xbox Live date, you can cry your eyes out to A Party Without You, a slow track that must have come straight from our boy with a digital (broken) heart. Your Parents House is my favorite track on the album. You know the tones that play when you call an out of order number? This upbeat track starts with a noise that resembles it and then morphs it into some kind of space age jam that makes me very happy.

Check out Pixelh8’s MySpace page where you can hear some tracks and pick up a copy of the latest album: The Boy With The Digital Heart (also available on iTunes, CD Baby and Napster).

Irony for $4K, anyone?

Yours from eBay for just $4K

Want a piece of gaming irony? Check out this copy of GTA 3 up for sale on eBay. The game guide is signed “To Nick Jack Thompson.” Awesome. The dude who posted the item doesn’t want to let it go for less than $4k. But he’s not being selfish. If you’ve got the money, honey, he’s got the charity. Child’s Play Charity will receive 100% of the profits, so it’s for a warm fuzzy cause (and with the right accountant you can probably use the purchase as a tax write off.) Here’s the eBay post with a lengthier description about the history behind this piece of ironic beauty.



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