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Archive for December 27th, 2007

Play Tetris on Canon Calculators?!

Okay, I just tried this on my Canon LS-82Z calculator and was heartbroken when it didn’t work. Hopefully one of you peeps can get it to work on yours. Here’s how to check:

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="345" width="400" /]

Let me know if you get this to work (and on what model calculator). I’m curious if this is possible or if it’s bunk. Judging by the comments on MetaCafe, no one has had any success. I do remember having a scientific calculator in high school and installing Tetris and some game where I sold drugs… do you guys remember that one? It was like a Sims game for dealing. Idunno. I grew up in a rough town. Maybe that was just my experience.

[SOURCE: Metacafe]

Half Life in 60 Seconds

Found this one through and fell in love. I tried to find out more about the folks who created the video, but a little snooping on the sites they feature at the end of the video didn’t really help because they’re all in German. But they’re still worth visiting for funny pictures ( and You can do a Babelfish translation on from German to English, but it’s a rough translation:

The landslide-like success of helped Life in 60 seconds from the tie-clip clipschmiede of the Jakobs Rompkowski (MTV Game One) seems inexorable: Already after a scarce week the spectator number of the international on-line public grows into the seven-place range, an end is (and we are jubilant!) not to foresee. The constantly prospering fan municipality to be glad experience that cognate tie-clips already are in planning: Jakob from the portion will again also be, just like MTV Gameguru Simon Kraetschmer u.v.a. The details are naturally still strictly confidential

So I THINK this means that the clip (clipschmiede??) was run on MTV Game One – a German G4 that’s part of MTV and then posted on YouTube with a ton of success. But I’m not really sure. In any case, it’s brilliant.

[youtube slRsexrhbG8]


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