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Aw, SNAP! Jack Thompson Gets Served

I despise Jack Thompson and those who fight against the video game industry with nothing to back up their arguments. But I LOVE when they get TOTALLY busted in public for being jackholes (half jack ass/half asshole). If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ve heard about Cho Seung Hui who massacred 32 people at Virginia Tech. And if you’ve seen any of the videos or read his letters you know how bat shit this guy is. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, it came out that this guy played Counter-Strike. Of course the misguided media mob latched onto that and blamed the video game for Cho’s rage. Fortunately, Chris Matthews challenged and debunked Thompson’s theories. Kotaku has the clip and features an excellent chunk of transcript.

3 Responses to “ Aw, SNAP! Jack Thompson Gets Served ”

I’m glad to see Jack didn’t get a free ride this time to spout his ridiculous theories. Earlier this week he went unchallenged on fox news with his bullshit and no one called him on it. Of course only idiots work at and watch fox news anayways so it doesn’t really matter.

*shudder* Fox news is evil.

i like how fox news introduced him as an “expert” in school shootings. it would have been more accurate to say that he’s a suck-ass, discredited attorney on the brink of being disbarred b/c he files frivolous lawsuits and makes outrageous claims based on his conservative Christian ideals instead of any actual facts. yeah, i don’t like that guy.

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