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Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer Spoof

Mad props to creator Allen05 of Productions. This clip was created entirely from existing YouTube clips.
[youtube vYPYjq8ZUzo]

Have you heard about the controversy surrounding GTAIV yet? Here’s a good article from In a nutshell, the mayor and other city officials have their panties in a bunch because this crime-oriented game is set in Liberty City.

*sigh* I wish people would spend less time worrying about things that don’t freaking matter. It’s a game. It’s fiction. Get over it. I think I remember the White House getting blown up Men in Black Independence Day (thanks Sam). Did city officials freak out and say the movie should be banned from theaters and pulled off of the shelves? I don’t think so. Stupid blame-shifters.

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3 Responses to “ Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer Spoof ”

a – Brilliant vid. Absolutely love it.

b – the White House thing was in Independence Day. And Austin Powers.
MIB had the scene at the World’s Fair site, so it’s still a totally relevant reference.

I think that a large reason that movies get such a pass is because they can be such a revenue booster for te city they’re filmed in. Games, on the other hand, usually aren’t filmed on location. Yet.

Ooooh yeah! That was Independence Day… It was the whole spaceships and Will Smith theme that threw me off.

Your thoughts on movies bringing in more revenue is totally true… but for how long? In-game advertising is getting huge. Hopefully, in-game ad revenue will eventually put a sock in the mouths of these idiots and lower the end-user cost.

I just don’t get why people have to make such a big deal of the GTA games.


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